sync iphone facebook

Sync Facebook Contact in Your iPhone and iPod Touch, iPad

Wondering how to sync your contacts with your Facebook account and import all information of your family and friends from your chosen social network?
sync iphone facebook
Now here’s the steps in order to sync facebook contacts with your iPhone and iPod Touch, iPad

1. Now to begin importing your contacts information like email, phone numbers, twitter, website etc, Download first the Facebook app here » from iTunes.

2. Install your app and connect it with your facebook account and of course using your facebook login information.

3. Then Go to the facebook main screen and tap on the friends icon.

4. And on the arrow located in your top right corner click on it and select “Sync contacts”.

5. You’re almost done in syncing your facebook contacts, you can turn on Syncing and replace photos as you desired,

note: this process is optional and replacing photos will cause to overwrite your current contact images. You can able also to remove sync by simply tapping on Remove Data Button as when required.

Hope you follow these simple tutorial and helps you more in connecting your friends etc, onto facebook, if you like this post click any button below.

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