1Password protect iPhone

Secure and Protect your iPhone with 1Password

This iPhone app is known to be its award-winning password as well as identity manager from Agile Web Solutions and said to be millions of iPhone users had used this app. 1Password is just for iPhone and iPod touch however if you own an iPad, you can get 1Password Pro, 1Password Pro is a universal app for iPad, iPod touch and iPhone.

What this app can do? this will secure and store your private and important data and it will automatically log you into websites with just a single tap, no need to remember your password, username and web address.
iPhone protect data iPhone
Other features of 1Password includes save important information for example credit cards, notes, Automatically log into Web sites on iPhone and iPod touch in order to avoid time wasting of typing passwords, usernames and web addresses, Backup data and restore option that are available on Mac, Windows and Linux. See more about this iPhone app.

This iPhone app cost only $9.99 and with that price you can assure the protection of your important data as well as saves your time. The new update of this app includes improves Login filling with a current version of 3.5.9.

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