Poke on Facebook? What does it Really Mean?

Lots of Facebook user doesn’t understand and still looking for the answers on what does this “Poke” feature of Facebook means also many find this feature useless and don’t use or just ignore the feature.

In this article you will discover and you will know what Poke really means and what does this feature can do for you, for your friends and to other Facebook users.

Before I start explaining lets have a short tutorial first on how to start a poke.

To Start a poke your friend simply

Step 1: Head to a person’s profile page in which you want to start a poke.

Step 2: Click on the within the upper corner.

Step 3: After clicking the image that mentioned in step 2, a drop down menu will appear, click Poke. That’s it!

What Does Poke on Facebook Really Means?

Facts about Poke on Facebook

  1. “Poke” on Facebook is something like you are trying to grab the attention of a certain person.
  2. Once you make a poke to other people which is not in your network or lets say not listed on your friend list but that is in a shared network (a friend of a friend) and they poke you back, then you can view their profile page even if your not their friend.
  3. Once you make a Poke, a poke icon will shows up on his/her home page and that icon also contains the options “Remove Poke” or “Poke Back”.

Using the “Poke” feature, that person will be something like informed that you are watching him/her and so probably add you as her/his friend.

So now you know what “Poke” really means, is this feature useful or not?.

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