iPhone Won’t Sync Your Photos? Have a Try On This Solution

Actually this is not a rare situation, lots of iPhone users having this issue when iPhone won’t sync their photos, well to solve this just proceed reading in this article and hope this will solve your problem.

I’m not very sure if this works on other Operating Systems such as Windows XP, Windows 7, Mac etc, but in Windows Vista yes! it really works but why not to try this method on different OS if you don’t have Windows Vista?.

To solve this you must first need to have a USB flash drive, external hard drive will also do as long as it is formatted to FAT32 file system.

iphone sync photos

Image from planet-iphones.com

Now as an example lets have C:DocumentsPictures as our default directory for our photo, swap this out with your particular photo directory. Also as an example we will make use of F: as our FAT32 formatted drive. So let’s start the process!.

1. Copy all your pictures from the current NTFS formatted drive which is in the C:DocumentsPictures to F:Pictures or any folder of your choice, but lets set F:Pictures as our example.

2. Now head to iTunes and choose the new folder that you want to make use of to sync photos to your iPhone in our example we use F:Pictures.
3. For our final step sync your iPhone and see if everything works smoothly.

Another solution: Try to delete the Photo cache folder in your computer and then sync your device again, this solution is also best if you have this issue.

Well there you have it! Is this works on your device? let me know.
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