How to Check Remaining Space Storage on your iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad Device

Wondering how to check your remaining space storage on your iPhone or iPad device? and worried on how much space remaining? it is always a fact that we love adding files in our iOS device, since hundreds to thousands of apps released online and some are free or very cheap we are encouraged to download isn’t it?

Now we must be aware for how many space left on our device, because the lesser space remaining in your iOS device the slower it runs.

Below are the few steps on how to check your remaining space on your iPhone or iPad device which will helps you a lot;
check remaing space on iOS
Step 1: Launch the Settings app

Step 2: Then select the General tab

Step 3: And for the 3rd and final step, select the “About tab” and scroll until you starts to see the Available option.

There you have it! now you learn something today, simple but very useful tutorial.
Any questions and suggestions? please post it below, it would be very appreciated.

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