apple tv devices language

How to Change The Language On Your Apple TV Using Remote

There are some situation happens that you accidentally selected the wrong language on your Apple TV device or something like your kids messed it up, this situation is really annoying especially when you are new in this Apple TV device, Now I’m gonna teach you how to change the language with a very simple tutorial for you to easily to follow.
Apple TV Device Language

To Change The Language On Your Apple TV Device Using You Remote

Simply just hold down menu and Down (-) for about 6 seconds. After following the first step you will now see that your device will reset and asks for you to pick your desired language, on the other hand this will also offer you to run hardware diagnostics as well as restore the factory setting.

Now there you have it! very easy isn’t it? At this time you now learn how to change the language, as a friendly advice after purchasing a new device, it is a must to read first the manual so that it will guide you on how to use it properly.