5 Apps to Keep Track of Spending

Today, it’s so important that you know how to manage your finances. If you don’t manage your money properly, then chances are you could end up overspending on your budget. As a result, when an emergency strikes, there is nothing left to use money wise. This is why if you are this kind of person who needs constant tracking when it comes to your spending, you may want to consider these five awesome financial apps:

Personal Finance
If you are looking for a way to track your spending through the use of a free app, then Personal Finance is the one you should get. This app makes it possible for you to track your monthly income and spending and gives updates on whether or not you are already falling short off your budget. How is this possible Well, you simply have to note how much you need to have by the end of the month and the app will automatically compute your daily spending requirements.

Personal Capital
Another free app you can download is none other than the Personal Capital app that primarily works as a spending tracker by giving you your expense breakdowns on a regular basis. You can categorize your income and savings into different categories like education, basic necessities, and more so that you’ll know if you are still on track when it comes to your spending.

As a paid app, MoneyWiz can provide you with more features when tracking your spending habits. You can finally have an opportunity to register all your accounts into one place which is your tablet or mobile device so you can easily look into your debit and credit transactions and more. If this isn’t enough, this app also makes it possible for you to transfer funds from one account to the other while ensuring your security and privacy.

Another paid app you shouldn’t miss is the SplashMoney app that that lets you sync your spending and accounts to other devices. You can also access real time currency conversions and rates through the use of this app making it your perfect travel companion. Through a visual tool, you will also have the opportunity to track your spending so you wouldn’t be alarmed on what’s left in your account at the end of the month.

MSN Money Smart Spending
What use will all these apps be if you do not necessarily know how to spend wisely? This is why you need to download the MSN Money Smart Spending app that will educate you on all the necessary terms you need to know. You will also be provided with timely updates and other important information when it comes to smart spending and a whole lot more.

All these apps are created to primarily help you track your spending and eventually develop a smarter attitude when it comes to budgeting your funds on a monthly basis. Remember, working around just the right amount of money is always the best thing to do.

Hannah writes for the website, Howmuchisit.org. Her project can help you find out what things cost in life.