Why You Must Love or Hate Apple Products? Funny Auto Correct Fails That Will Make Your Day!

Here’s a collection of funny and crazy things happening while using iPhone that will make your day. Have you ever wondered how the auto correct function in your iPhone sucks? check this. This is also the reason why I decided to disable auto correct function in my phone because this always happening to me.

I mean acid?


What is wrong with my **** tonight?


**** traumatic stress?


You mean animals?


Feel nice and loose


Damn grave




Dad is having sex change?

After reading this I think you may need to disable your auto correct function, check this tutorial =) , Hope you love it guys. Have a nice day


How To Replace iPhone 5 Glass

Cracked or damaged iPhone 5 glass? this tutorial might save you. But first, you must have the correct tools and prepare to invest for the screen as well as the tools you need for this tutorial.

This may also applies to other types of iPhone. Now to replace your iPhone 5 glass please follow this video and hope this helps you.
Another useful tutorial on how to replace or assemble iPhone 5 screen can be found at ifixit by clicking this link If you have better tutorial on how to replace iPhone 5 glass, let us know by posing your comment below.

iPhone bag of rice

iPhone Dropped in Water? Here’s The Possible Way To Save It!

iPhone Dropped in Water? that’s pretty terrible situation, maybe you accidentally dropped it in your toilet or into a cup of coffee. Okay, lets go straight, this fix will depends on how critical you dropped your iPhone in water, which is in short this tutorial may help you to fix your problem or either not. First lets talk about first on what to do in case you dropped your iPhone or maybe other Apple gadgets.

Immediate Steps To Do In Case You Dropped Your iPhone in Water

  1. Quickly pick your iPhone up in the water as fast as you can and immediately wipe the water on it.
  2. Turn your iPhone off by holding down the power button.
  3. When turned off, remove the battery, case, headphone or any accessories connected on it and wipe it.
  4. Get a towel, tshirt or any cloth which is made on cotton and let it soak the water.

If you’ve already done following the steps above please try the following steps;

iPhone bag of rice

How To Fix If Your iPhone Dropped in Water

Here’s the things you need, this may sound funny but note this really works and it is already tried and tested.

  1.  cellophane or any similar air tight container that can cover your iPhone.
  2. Generic type rice.
  3. Little bit of patience, minimum of 36 hours.

Okay, this steps is pretty self explanatory, simply follow the image above and wait for at least 36 hours. By the way, avoid using enriched type rice because it may leaves white residual powder which may cause harm to the ports of your device.

Once your device dried out completely, turn it on and check the liquid contact sensors.
Liquid Contact Indicator location From http://support.apple.com/kb/ht3302

If the Liquid Contact Indicators (LCIs) turns red it means a contact of liquid is made and it is best to contact a technician to fix it. The problem here is that, any liquid related damage of your iPhone or iPod is not covered by Apple’s one year warranty.

Does this steps fixes your iPhone? don’t hesitate to share your experience by posting on our comment form below.


IPad Mini Thinner vs. Amazon’s Kindle Fire HD

The latest iPad mini thinners and Amazon’s kindle fire HD are on oomph in today’s Tablet market. They created a legacy in the gadget world. Both are the products of the leading consortia. Each tablet has its own standing. The difference is spotted in the competence levels where one overtakes another. Consideration is important rather than remarking. So, try to see them in an open tactic. This gives you an idea on what to be preferred and then you can make a choice.

IPad Mini Thinner vs. Amazon’s Kindle Fire HD

Apple’s iPad Mini Thinner:
It has a standard definition and a 35% larger screen of low-resolution, 7.9-inch display with an aluminium body. It embraces 163 pixels per inch and it downscales 720p and 1080 pixels video with stereo speakers. It contains industry leading international content and its hardware is available in 90+ countries. The front camera is 720 pixels and the rear camera is 5 megapixels. It contains books in 40 languages. It’s compatible with Kindle plus Amazon video comprising movies in 62 countries. The total tablet apps are 275,000.  A genius bar for help is also located. A dual-band Wi-Fi with cellular option is accessible. For its amazing insights, it is branded as the best computing devices in the present market ranging $329.

Amazon’s Kindle Fire HD

It has a 7-inch HD display along with 30% more pixels when compared to iPad mini. Its body is made of plastic. It embraces 216 pixels per inch with a 720pixels front (Skype) cam. It plays 720 pixels video downscaling 1080 pixels and dual stereo speakers. It contains a satisfactory international content with its hardware available in 7 countries. An ultra-fast MIMO Wi-Fi is accessible. Though it’s not compatible with iBook’s or iTunes video, books are available in 9 languages and movies in 2 countries. For its handful of tablet apps and basic chucks, it’s termed to be the best media appliance pricing $199.

Apple over Amazon

Open secret is that Apple’s iOS is modest on the whole in various aspects as iOS requires far less fixing than android. It’s said that, Amazon’s Kindle Fire HD is the redraft of Google’s OS which obliterates its multitasking and widget benefits. On the other hand, it delivers notifications better by keeping a lively count of which apps have new info for you on the display. If you are a person full of activity, believe, Android is the best OS for its more obvious multitasking.


Though the features of the Tablets vary, ultimately the work it does is the same. So, decide upon your monetary levels and off you go. You can order these online or shop at nearby Tablet stores. Think twice practically and jet set go.

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Don’t let your Mac OS X slow down at any cost

The different versions of Mac OS X are great source of interfaces that user enjoys to accomplish his/her tasks. Both the Power PC and Intel based macs are supposed to have fine processors along with good amount of RAM mounted, which further enhances the competence of a Mac computer. So, when Apple has provided with best of the hardware and software specifications, can we always expect to enjoy a steady workout on our respective workstations? Wish we could, but unfortunately that is not always the case with the OS X machines. The Mac OS X too is vulnerable to frequent slowdowns, sluggishness and low on performance. Even if your Mac had the best of the specs available, don’t profile it to be always as fast as a new machine on the board.

Slowdown can occur to any OS X like Tiger (4.0), Leopard, Snow Leopard, even with the more advanced Lion and Mountain Lion. The latest versions of OS X (Lion & Mountain Lion) are frequently being exposed to performance jolts. In fact, it won’t be wrong to state that the OS X Lion is made to ‘MEOW’ instead of ‘ROAR’.

Let us hunt down the most infamous reasons for the slow downs: – (excluding hardware reasons)

  1. Starting with the hard drives capacity to accumulate data to the fullest which mostly leads to choke down due to lack of oxygen i.e. free space. Mac OS X requires some free space in hard drive for fair performance. The lack of free hard drive space would directly affect the system’s ability to boot faster, to launch an application quickly, to shut down and restart faster and to operate any application with ease.
  2.  Heavy applications on a Mac OS X would definitely do some kind of harm to it’s speed & performance. But that doesn’t mean you should avoid or uninstall such apps immediately. Instead, analyze your Mac specifications & match it with the application for further usage. However, if Mac doesn’t meet the specific requirement as guided by the large application then make the machine go compatible for the app. To do the same, you can add more RAM, memory in form of another hard drive, graphic cards in case of bulky games/graphic processing applications etc. Note: This method does include cost for up-gradation.
  3. Do you know that keeping a good proportion of free space is equally important as updating the software and application to the newest versions. E.g: Recently launched iTunes 11 is more crisp and user-friendly as compared to its earlier versions.
  4. Trust this, how many of us regularly watch the Activity Monitor? OK forget regularly, but do we care to open the ACTIVITY MONITOR even once in a month to know the apps which are consuming more than enough memory? Check it regularly and take an action, Activity Monitor fully allows to monitor various tasks such as –
    • Resign an OS X process
    • Monitor the CPU Load
    • Inspect usage of RAM, swap
    • Examine the HDD read/write
    • Find out the drive used & free spaces
  5. Various folders on Mac OS X comes under direct suspicion of causing the Mac to compromise

    with its speed. Some of those are Trash folder, Caches and Library folders, iTunes & iPhoto       Library folders. Over a period of time and negligence these folders adds up tons of files that are completely waste to the user as well as the system. Keeping many important cache file on one side, other files can be grouped to form junk data which is responsible for slowdowns. In many cases, it has been noted that the cache folder is accumulating Gbs of garbage data. Likewise, the trash folder which is said to be clearly visible on the desktop, keeps on adding files and folders until and unless the ‘Empty Trash’ command is carried out.

The above mentioned points are universal for all Mac OS X versions and if applied would definitely bring in the good results without asking for any costs.

Bio: – Vishal is a Mac owner and writer who loves to share his knowledge with other Mac users. BTW when your hard drive has Gbs of garbage data then choose for the right tool to speedup slow Mac over any manual method.


5 Apps to Keep Track of Spending

Today, it’s so important that you know how to manage your finances. If you don’t manage your money properly, then chances are you could end up overspending on your budget. As a result, when an emergency strikes, there is nothing left to use money wise. This is why if you are this kind of person who needs constant tracking when it comes to your spending, you may want to consider these five awesome financial apps:

Personal Finance
If you are looking for a way to track your spending through the use of a free app, then Personal Finance is the one you should get. This app makes it possible for you to track your monthly income and spending and gives updates on whether or not you are already falling short off your budget. How is this possible Well, you simply have to note how much you need to have by the end of the month and the app will automatically compute your daily spending requirements.

Personal Capital
Another free app you can download is none other than the Personal Capital app that primarily works as a spending tracker by giving you your expense breakdowns on a regular basis. You can categorize your income and savings into different categories like education, basic necessities, and more so that you’ll know if you are still on track when it comes to your spending.

As a paid app, MoneyWiz can provide you with more features when tracking your spending habits. You can finally have an opportunity to register all your accounts into one place which is your tablet or mobile device so you can easily look into your debit and credit transactions and more. If this isn’t enough, this app also makes it possible for you to transfer funds from one account to the other while ensuring your security and privacy.

Another paid app you shouldn’t miss is the SplashMoney app that that lets you sync your spending and accounts to other devices. You can also access real time currency conversions and rates through the use of this app making it your perfect travel companion. Through a visual tool, you will also have the opportunity to track your spending so you wouldn’t be alarmed on what’s left in your account at the end of the month.

MSN Money Smart Spending
What use will all these apps be if you do not necessarily know how to spend wisely? This is why you need to download the MSN Money Smart Spending app that will educate you on all the necessary terms you need to know. You will also be provided with timely updates and other important information when it comes to smart spending and a whole lot more.

All these apps are created to primarily help you track your spending and eventually develop a smarter attitude when it comes to budgeting your funds on a monthly basis. Remember, working around just the right amount of money is always the best thing to do.

Hannah writes for the website, Howmuchisit.org. Her project can help you find out what things cost in life.

iPhone Apps

Best Gaming Apps for iPhone

The launch of new iPhone 5 has created a lot of buzz on the mobile market; it has many inbuilt apps which are useful in daily life. If you need any latest app for entertainment then you can visit the app store for amazing offers and download them. It is more exciting to play on a 4-inch display and also it gives a great gaming experience. The popularity of iPhone games began in 2009 and is still growing. At present it has around 100,000+ gaming apps and new releases are added every day.
iPhone Apps
If you are a game lover then here are some of the best iPhone gaming apps that you can download:

1.Angry Birds: Angry Birds is a game which fills you with excitement. It is a game filled with all the stuff of birds. The simple moral of the story is if you are hungry then don’t steal eggs from birds nest with a death-wish. It goes with the ramshackle which you need to collapse to complete the level. It is a complete classic iOS game with a perfect entertainment.

2. The Real Racing: is the iPhone game which is the tremendous boozing game. Racing around the streets it makes a complete entertainment. It gives you the pleasure with 48 cars on 12 tracks and five game modes and all with 76 events or the levels. It has a multiplayer option and operated by several control methods with different cockpits. You will feel like a racer while using this app.

3. Infinity Blade: This app is based upon the movie Blade. It is usually resembles a free-roaming RPG. But the block-and-parry takes them up. It has different controls to booze with the blades. Either by karate or punch-out. It has various dynamic graphics and modern swords. It shows the bloodline as life in each levels and a great experience with sword fighting.

4. Need for Speed, Hot Pursuit: As you all know that the series of need for speed is dynamic arcade racing series which comes with different concepts. It has a great thrills and excitement in playing this game. You have got to crush all the racing members and get to the top by evading the police patrol. You can evade and can cool down at your shelter. It is great bounty racing game.

5. Scrabble: Scrabble is the most favourite game among all the generations. It is game by EA sports. It has a great board with solo mode. It has the options like shuffle, exchange, best word and thinking. It can be played between two players or more than that. It goes with the moral get pass-and-play. It has some dictionary objections. It is a good and family entertainment game all the way.

You go on search for our favourite games and the search ends here. IPhone has plenty of games filled with excitement and thrills. It can be purchased online and if anywhere you get short of cash then feel free to yield the payday loans as it can process your amounts within minutes and you can reveal the gaming experience from iPhone.

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iPad Mini – Possible Features

When Apple is releasing a much-awaited product, can rumors be far behind? For a company that’s notoriously famous for being tight-lipped about its forthcoming products and their features, Apple seems to be full of leaks and rumors lately. The tech press had written scores and scores of breaking news stories about Apple’s iPhone 5’s ‘rumored’ features and specs so much so that when Apple finally released the product, it dint manage to impress the press. And now, the same is the case with Apple’s iPad Mini. But one thing is for sure, any release or even a leak about Apple’s products makes the media go hysteric.

Here are the iPad Mini’s possible features:

  • The Screen Size:
    Going by the leaked images of iPad Mini, the screen size is around 7.85 inches. This makes the iPad Mini a direct competitor to Amazon’s Kindle Fire and Google’s Nexus 7.
  • The Display:
    Apple’s iPad Mini may not come with Retina Display. Mini’s small screen may not do justice to Retina Display’s quality. But all is not lost, the iPad may boast of a 1024 X 768 resolution. There is yet another story doing the rounds. Some expect the iPad Mini to come with IGZO display. This means the images are going to look bright and vibrant. So, Apple may still pack in a punch in this mini wonder’s screen.
  • The Casing:
    The iPad Mini is said to come with aluminum casing complete with Apple’s familiar logo on its back panel.
  • The Processor:
    The iPad Mini may feature A5 processor and a quad core graphics card that may not be able to support Retina Display completely. But this dual-core A5 processor will help keep the iPad light and bring the costs down considerably.
  • The Connectivity:
    The iPad Mini will certainly be Wi-Fi and Bluetooth enabled. But word is still not out on its 3G connectivity. Although there are rumors suggesting it to flaunt 3G, there’s no strong evidence in this regard.
  • The Battery:
    Leaked pictures show the iPad to sport a 4490mAh battery. This battery may sustain 7 -10 hours of usage. This places the Mini between Apple’s iPhone 5 and the new iPad.
  • The Storage:
    The iPad Mini may come with just 8GB storage. But, it’s highly likely that Apple will offer high range options of 16GB, 32GB and even 64GB to those who are willing to dole out extra dollars.
  • The Dock Connector:
    You are most likely to find smaller dock connectors in Apple’s iPad Mini. Moving to a small dock connector will help Apple pack in more inside iPad Mini.
  • The Camera:
    The iPad Mini is expected to come with an improved camera. It may sport a 5MP sensor and video recorder that can record HD videos in 1080p, even though the exact specs are yet to be known.
  • Moreover, Apple has sent out cryptic invitations to media for an official event in which it’s promising to show a little more of iPad Mini. With this, the enthusiasm of the rumor mills knows no boundaries. It’s time we waited for the release to see what other exciting features Apple has packed in iPad Mini.

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iPhone 5: The most awaited gadget of the year 2012

With unrivalled quality and performance, Apple Inc has been manufacturing electronicgadgets regularly. The shares of Apple have been soaring up high in the sky since the introduction of last iPhone in the market. They top selling smart phone last year was iPhone 4. Now, apple has arrived with their latest flagship product called iPhone 5. Before Apple started shipping iPhone 5, the bookings for the first batch have run out of the stock and this shows that the device is going to keep Apple in forefront of Smart phone business in a long run.

The different prices are available for new iPhone 5 between the ranges of $ 199 to $ 400 with the memory capacity from 16 GB to 64 GB. The iPhone 5 with these prices is available for two year wireless contract from the carriers. There are many improved features in the new iPhone that has been based on latest operating system iOS 6. Also, the older versions of iPhone are upgrading to this new operating system iOS6 that have starting from 3GS. More than 200 new features have been claimed for new iPhone.

Features of new iOS 6 includes

The audible map navigation
Facebook integration
Mails getting VIP status
Passbook for digital money transferring
Improved performance of SIRI that will allow you to use the App to show you maps and
even 3-D photo imagery to show you where you want to go.

If the new operating system can be upgraded into the older version then the question for buying a new iPhone arises that why should people invest in new hardware. The answer is very simple because the new device comes with new hardware features which are not present in earlier devices of iPhones.

Features of iPhone 5
The network connectivity of iPhone 5 gives an awesome performance because it has been upgraded to LTE technology. LTE stands of Long Term Evolution which has been named as 4G connectivity.

The services provided by iPhone 5 is something that all wants to see like iPhone 5 is 30 times faster than iPhone 4s which includes 3G services.

The sheer screen display has been maximized in size from 3.5 inches to 4 inches. The iPhone instead of being bulkier has been made taller than iPhone 4S which is 18% thinner and20% lighter than iPhone 4S.

The practicality of iPhone 5 adds in one more feature of this winning gadget. No on is willing to carry a heavy phone with less battery and power supply. It is thinner than its predecessors without sacrificing the touch screen. The touch screen is somewhat became their signature feature making it light and fragile. Also the batteries dex of iPhone 5 allegedly slight larger than the iPhone 4S.

The operating system of iPhone 5 i.e. iOS6 optimize application use better than its previous versions.

iPhone 5 has an A6 chip which will allow much faster processing of Apps.

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Iphone 5: Win free iPhone 5 with promo gadgets

The entertainment and technological possibilities have been changes since iPhone 5 has arrived because it is quite different from its predecessors. The users are allowed to play games in a different way, they can create their own playlists; can take quality videos and photos. Also they can pay and watch HDTV on small gadget. Also, iPhone 5 is inexpensive with its astronomical features with same price tag. Therefore new iPhone 5 could range from $500 to $900.

Price for a budget conscious person:

There are many free iPhone giveaway programs to win your much desired gadget without spending any money. However, it is good to know that there are such programs and most of the time is wary of scammers and asks for processing fees but there is also great news that you can also legitimate to win a free iPhone 5 promos out there.

The research and development programs aim for the betterment of the products and thus these programs can give you many ways to operate iPhone5. These programs will definitely give you a chance to win free iPhone 5. The question arises is how the companies advertise for these giveaway programs and also the customer gives the feedback about the product. The customer is asked for both positive and negative feedback so that they might know the week and the strong parts to improve on. Certainly, the tester models are given away in exchange for the valuable opinion of iPhone5. Hence, you can test and keep the new iPhone 5.

The eyes of techies and non techies are focused on the new gadgets in market today. Many companies do hold the win free products who offer such services in order to entice buyers. All the products and the services give its customers a raffle stub. The customers are eager to line up for chance to win the gadget. Thus, it has been counted as an effective marketing tool for the company to make use of it.

A telecom service provider also gives chance to win free iPhone 5. Many companies come up with the offers through which the customer fills up the survey form to get signed up with the services. You can automatically get the free budget as soon as you sign up with the services. This is really an easy and hip up process. The sites can simply ask you to submit your email and you can soon get a shot at winning a new iPhone5 development and custom software development. The people eagerly wait for such promos and lines up since very long to get a chance to finally own this excellent gadget.

It does emerge very expected that Apple will choose to carry on with their use of glass and earthenware materials despite propositions of a new metallic iPhone 5. However, the new Gorilla Glass two will also allow the earpiece to be the slenderest iPhone ever published while it will also appropriate Apple to extend something different from many of their challengers.

Author Bio: Jenni is a person with a passion for writing. She has written many articles on
various topics, for more information you can check her other blogs.