Why You Must Love or Hate Apple Products? Funny Auto Correct Fails That Will Make Your Day!

Here’s a collection of funny and crazy things happening while using iPhone that will make your day. Have you ever wondered how the auto correct function in your iPhone sucks? check this. This is also the reason why I decided to disable auto correct function in my phone because this always happening to me.

I mean acid?


What is wrong with my **** tonight?


**** traumatic stress?


You mean animals?


Feel nice and loose


Damn grave




Dad is having sex change?

After reading this I think you may need to disable your auto correct function, check this tutorial =) , Hope you love it guys. Have a nice day


How To Replace iPhone 5 Glass

Cracked or damaged iPhone 5 glass? this tutorial might save you. But first, you must have the correct tools and prepare to invest for the screen as well as the tools you need for this tutorial.

This may also applies to other types of iPhone. Now to replace your iPhone 5 glass please follow this video and hope this helps you.
Another useful tutorial on how to replace or assemble iPhone 5 screen can be found at ifixit by clicking this link If you have better tutorial on how to replace iPhone 5 glass, let us know by posing your comment below.

iPhone bag of rice

iPhone Dropped in Water? Here’s The Possible Way To Save It!

iPhone Dropped in Water? that’s pretty terrible situation, maybe you accidentally dropped it in your toilet or into a cup of coffee. Okay, lets go straight, this fix will depends on how critical you dropped your iPhone in water, which is in short this tutorial may help you to fix your problem or either not. First lets talk about first on what to do in case you dropped your iPhone or maybe other Apple gadgets.

Immediate Steps To Do In Case You Dropped Your iPhone in Water

  1. Quickly pick your iPhone up in the water as fast as you can and immediately wipe the water on it.
  2. Turn your iPhone off by holding down the power button.
  3. When turned off, remove the battery, case, headphone or any accessories connected on it and wipe it.
  4. Get a towel, tshirt or any cloth which is made on cotton and let it soak the water.

If you’ve already done following the steps above please try the following steps;

iPhone bag of rice

How To Fix If Your iPhone Dropped in Water

Here’s the things you need, this may sound funny but note this really works and it is already tried and tested.

  1.  cellophane or any similar air tight container that can cover your iPhone.
  2. Generic type rice.
  3. Little bit of patience, minimum of 36 hours.

Okay, this steps is pretty self explanatory, simply follow the image above and wait for at least 36 hours. By the way, avoid using enriched type rice because it may leaves white residual powder which may cause harm to the ports of your device.

Once your device dried out completely, turn it on and check the liquid contact sensors.
Liquid Contact Indicator location From http://support.apple.com/kb/ht3302

If the Liquid Contact Indicators (LCIs) turns red it means a contact of liquid is made and it is best to contact a technician to fix it. The problem here is that, any liquid related damage of your iPhone or iPod is not covered by Apple’s one year warranty.

Does this steps fixes your iPhone? don’t hesitate to share your experience by posting on our comment form below.